Gatekeeper Program of Lane County
You can help create a safer and stronger community, for all of us. 
Get Connected. Be a Good Neighbor.
Be a Gatekeeper.

Have you ever been worried that a senior or a person with a disability needed help, but weren’t sure how to help them get connected with services and support? 

The Gatekeeper Program was created for you. We can provide free training for your workplace or group to learn how to quickly and easily get someone connected with helpful services.  

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What is the Gatekeeper Program?

The Gatekeeper Program is helping to create a safer and more supportive community, for all of us.
Everyone needs support sometimes, and we all deserve the support we need in order to live safely and independently and be involved in our communities. But some of us don’t have all of the support we may need to maintain our safety and independence. The Gatekeeper program teaches community members how to recognize aging adults and adults with disabilities who might benefit from access to additional resources, and how to easily connect them to helpful services and support. 

Are you a Gatekeeper?

“Gatekeepers” are people who come into contact with aging adults and people with disabilities through our work or everyday activities. We are friends, neighbors, and family members, as well as people like grocery store clerks, bank and credit union employees, bus drivers, letter carriers, medical professionals… the list is virtually endless.  A Gatekeeper is anyone who is in a position to notice when an older adult or person with a disability might be struggling, and who can help them get connected to services and support that they need.   

What do Gatekeepers do?

Gatekeepers receive training to help them notice the signs that might indicate that an aging adult or adult with a disability may be struggling, and could need some additional supportive services. They are able to quickly and easily get the person connected with services and support through the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC). The ADRC will find out what services and supports the person wants and needs, and get them connected to those resources.
Gatekeepers are not expected to be social workers or counselors! You don’t need to know a lot of details about programs and services. After you are trained, you will recognize the signs that an older adult or person with a disability might need additional help, and know how to make a Gatekeeper referral. You'll be ready to help make your community stronger and safer, by making sure that vulnerable adults in your community have access to the services and support that they may need. 

Gatekeeper training is for anyone!

The Gatekeeper Program prepares community groups, businesses and organizations to handle potentially challenging situations quickly and easily. If you are part of a community group, a business or an organization, Gatekeeper training is for you.
If you are a business owner or workplace manager, you will appreciate that your employees will not need to lose time trying to figure out how to assist a consumer who may have needs that are outside of your area of service or expertise. Your workplace or group will feel more confident that they know what to do when they encounter a customer who needs help, and will enjoy the satisfaction of helping to build a safer and stronger community. As a Gatekeeper group, your workplace or organization also has the opportunity to receive ongoing support and positive community recognition for your efforts. 

Gatekeeper training: it’s easy, it’s free and it saves lives!

To learn more, to schedule training for your organization, or to learn how to become a Gatekeeper Trainer, please contact:

Maria Paladino
ADRC Gatekeeper Program Coordinator
Senior and Disability Services, a Division of Lane Council of Governments
1015 Willamette Street | Eugene, OR 97401
Office: 541-682-6269  | Fax: 541-682-2461 | |